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Electronics-Related Industry Educators

ETA is a not-for-profit trade association that supports the academic, social and professional needs of the electronics professional. With the assistance of our ETA partner schools and administrators, we offer a unique certification process to recognize those individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their fields.

ETA Certification – Helping Educators Help Students
As a worldwide provider of accredited, vendor-neutral electronics certifications, ETA always seeks to meet the educational and training needs of educators in the electronics industry. We recognize that quality training and certification for instructors and students helps give your institution an edge and helps to produce well-rounded professionals who are better prepared to join the workforce. ETA offers both stand-alone certification exams and Journeyman Certifications in fields such as aviation, biomedical imaging, computers, fiber optics and telecommunications.

Hundreds of institutions have already registered as ETA-approved schools and training centers for administering our certification exams, both online and on site. In addition, educators can register to become Certification Administrators, and ETA can approve your coursework for use as preparation for our electronics certification exams. We can assist your institution and your students with our downloadable study materials and practice tests.

ETA Membership for Educators
Many electronics educators, from both corporate training companies as well as public and private educational institutions stay involved in their industry and keep up with the latest trends and educational practices by becoming a member of ETA International. Along with the many benefits you will receive as a corporate ETA member, you will have opportunities to network with other electronics professionals from around the world, attend our educational conferences and events, contribute to our certification process, and learn from other educators and professionals in the field of electronics. Learn more about ETA’s membership benefits and how to join.

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