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Electronics-Related Industry Professionals / Corporations

ETA is a not-for-profit trade association that supports the needs of the electronics industry. With the best needs of the technician in mind, we help our members develop the skills and knowledge to excel on the job, connect with other professionals, and achieve recognition through our electronics certification programs.

ETA Certification – Creating a More Skilled Workforce
Businesses that encourage or employ certified electronics professionals have the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Certification may not only give professionals the knowledge and skills to perform better on the job, but also enable them to work more efficiently, to require less additional training and to be more satisfied with their careers. Thus, having or hiring certified professionals could influence your bottom line in areas such as operational efficiency, employee retention rates and customer satisfaction. ETA’s offers more than 70 accredited, vendor-neutral electronics certifications in fields such as aviation, biomedical, computers, fiber optics and telecommunications, and we can also offer customized, vendor-specific certification tests to meet your business training needs. Outside committees review our certifications regularly to ensure that they meet industry standards.

ETA Career Resource Center – Helping you Connect with Skilled Electronics Professionals
ETA members and certified professionals make up some of the most skilled and dedicated workers in the industry. Many organizations rely on ETA to find qualified electronics candidates for joining their team. View some of the business and organizations who currently employ ETA-certified professionals. By signing up to use our affordable Career Resource Center, you can post jobs on our popular job board as well as search our database of electronics professionals that meet your hiring criteria.

ETA Corporate Membership
Many industry-leading companies have joined ETA International to show their support of the electronics profession. As a corporate ETA member, you will have opportunities to network with other electronics professionals from around the world, attend our educational conferences and events, and enjoy the many other benefits of membership. Learn more about ETA’s corporate membership benefits and how to join.

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