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Electronics Technicians in the Military

ETA is a not-for-profit trade association that supports the needs of the electronics industry, from those serving in the military to those working in civilian positions. We provide electronics professionals with opportunities to learn new skills, connect with other professionals, and achieve recognition through our certification programs.

ETA Certification for Military Professionals
At ETA, we are committed to working with the government to ensure our electronics certifications match the updated skills and knowledge needed to excel in various government or military positions. If you are a military professional and looking for an additional way to build life-long skills that you can also carry with you into civilian life, get started today with one of ETA’s more than 80 electronics certifications. We create all of our certifications with the help of independent professionals from government, military and academic institutions. And under the G.I. Bill, the Veteran’s Administration can now reimburse you or an eligible child or spouse for many of the expenses for taking one of our approved certifications or obtaining or renewing your license.

ETA Career Resource Center
Advance your career with ETA’s Career Resource Center when you’re ready to find a job in the civilian world. Many employers seek out professionals who are involved in ETA as ETA members or have gained an ETA Certification. Get an edge by posting your resume for review online or searching the many jobs available on our current job board. Also be sure to check out the Employer Partnership of the Armed Forces for employment opportunities.

View some of the business and organizations who currently employ ETA members and certified professionals.

ETA Membership
Many current and former military professionals have joined ETA International to learn and connect with others in the electronics field. As an ETA member, you will have opportunities to network with other electronics professionals from around the world, attend our educational conferences and events, and enjoy the many other benefits of membership. Learn more about ETA’s membership benefits and how to join.

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