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Motorola FAQ

In cooperation with Motorola, ETA offers both basic & advanced certifications for Motorola Technicians and Service Stations. Motorola would like for the technicians to take the basic electronics Associate CET (designated as CESa in Canada) exam. Many techs are also choosing to take the full journeyman level CET (designated as CES in Canada) by taking either the WCM or USMSS certification and others have gone on to attain Senior or even Master level CET certification. This page is provided to help answer some of the most commonly asked questions about USM Service Station programs.

Q. As a Motorola Service Technician, which ETA certifications should I be taking?

A. The Associate CET (CETa), and either the USMSS or Wireless Communications (WCM) certifications. If you are looking for the Astro 25 Series click here.

Q. What is the difference between the USMSS and the WCM certifications?

A. Both the USMSS and the WCM are wireless certifications. The WCM is focused primarily on the wireless aspects; while the USMSS focuses more on the private two-way radio communication systems.

Q. What is a passing score for each of these certification exams?

A. Passing score for each of these certification exams is 75% or above.

Q. What if I don't pass the certification exam the first time I take it?

A. You are allowed one free retake for each exam. There is a thirty day waiting period for exam retakes. Go to the Exam Fees Page or email ETA for more details.

Q. How many questions are on the Associate, WCM and USMSS exams?

A. The Associate CET and the USMSS exam each have 100 questions. The WCM exam has 75 questions.

Q. Who should attempt the Communication Site Installer (R56) exam?

A. It should be attempted by installation contractors, service shops, project supervisors, project managers, site construction teams, and electrical contractors involved with communications site installation and construction.

Q. Are there any prerequisites to taking a Communication Site Installation Inspector (CSII) (Auditor) exam?

A. Yes, examinees must complete a Motorola approved Communications Site Installer (R56) and Auditor training course and must have the Associate CET (CETa) certification exam. The certification exam must be taken within a year of taking the training course.

Q. Should I have previous experience with ASTRO®25 7.x radio systems before taking the exam?

A. Yes, prior experience with an ASTRO®25  7.x radio system is strongly recommended as a prerequisite to taking the certification exam. 

Q. What kind of questions are on each of the exams?

A. The exams are made up of multiple choice questions with a few True/False questions.

Q. I'm ready to take the exams. How do I register?

A. You can find a Certification Administrator in your area by clicking here or contacting the ETA office at (800) 288-3824 or

Q. Is there a time limit for each exam?

A. Yes. Each exam has a time limit of two hours. This allows plenty of time to finish the exam.

Q. How long is my ETA certification valid for?

A. Your ETA certification is valid for 4 years with a yearly maintenance of 10 Continuing Education Credits (CECs).

Q. How can I get a feel for what is covered on the exams I need?

A. You can view the competencies for the Associate exam here. The USMSS and WCM are available here. There are also practice exams available. The Associate practice exam is available to everyone. The WCM practice exam is available to ETA members only. Go To Members Only Log-In - or - Join ETA.

Is the Associate CET (CETa) required before certifying as a USMSS or WCM?

A. Yes. The Associate CET is a prerequisite to both the USMSS and the WCM certifications.

Q. Is there any cost advantage if I take the Associate exam at the same time I take the USMSS or WCM Journeyman exams?

A. Yes. You will save the cost of the Associate exam if you take it at the same time as the USMSS or WCM Journeyman exams. See the ETA Exam Fees Page for details.

Q. I have many years of experience as a technician; do I still have to take the Associate (CETa) level exam for my USMSS or WCM certification?

A. Yes. ETA takes the certification process very seriously. It is by requiring strict standards in the certification process that those certifications are able to give the technician significant credibility in his or her field of expertise. With that many years of experience, it should be a simple matter to "brush up" for the basic level Associate CET exam. Go to Associate Practice Exam.

Q. Does ETA accept the NABER certification as a rollover?

A. No. The NABER certification is outdated and is not acceptable for rollover purposes. It was retired in 1995 and is no longer recognized.

Q. Are there practice exams available?

A. Yes. The Associate practice exam is available to everyone. The WCM practice exam is available to ETA members only. Go To Members Only Log-In - or - Join ETA.

Q. Is ETA Membership affordable for everyone?

A. Yes! At only $40 annually, ETA Membership is very affordable. View Benefits - or - Join ETA.

Q. I have joined ETA, but I am having trouble accessing the Members Only Area. Can you help?

A. Yes. Check out our Members Only Questions Page. If you still have trouble, contact us.

Q. What is the cost of these certifications?

A. Please take a moment to review our Exam Fees Page (The WCM & USMSS are Journeyman CETs).

Q. Does ETA accept rollovers from other certification sources?

A. Yes. ETA accepts these rollovers - Other Rollover Options

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