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Motorola ASTRO 25® FAQ

  • Requires attendance of the appropriate ASTRO 25 M Core or GTR 8000 Repeater Site training course.

  • ASTRO 25 Exams
    • Online Certification Exam – Theory and Troubleshooting
      • Can be proctored at one of the following:
        • Local Library.
        • An ETA Proctor in your area if possible.
        • Must be passed at 80%.

  • If an ASTRO 25 exam is not passed by the second attempt, the individual must attend another Motorola class and take the exam again.

  • Certifications are valid for four (4) years.

  • Must be taken within a year of taking the required training course.

  • Certification Fee
    • Certification Fee is $330.00 payable to ETA International.

  • Retake Information
    • Should an individual fail the exam, they are entitled to one free retake. Retake the exam after 30 days with an ETA proctor near home or at a local library.
    • Any ETA International Certified Administrator is eligible to proctor the exam.

  • ASTRO 25 and certifications DO NOT count towards Journeyman, Senior or Master CET status.

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