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Renewable Energy Electric Vehicle Certification

ETA Electric Vehicle CertificationIn his State of the Union address, President Obama announced his goal to “…become the first country to have one million Electric Vehicles on the road by 2015”. With a waiting list of some 20,000 Americans for the electric Nissan Leaf alone, and billions of dollars in federal grants to manufacturers and educational institutions, America may be well on the way to achieving this goal.

With an ETA Electric Vehicle Technician (EVT) certification, present and future auto technicians must demonstrate that they are capable of safely troubleshooting and repairing Electric Vehicles coming on the market over the next several years. With high voltage (300 VDC and higher) and the safety issues that follow, technicians will be required to receive specialized training before they are allowed to open the hood of an EV. The government’s EV initiative has already granted millions of dollars to educational institutions for education and workforce training programs.

The Electric Vehicle Technician (EVT) is a listing of the major categories and items considered necessary to be included in a course of study directed towards the education of workers needed in the service industry.

The Electric Vehicle Technician will be required to properly perform the following:

  • Identify major components of Electric Vehicle Systems **
  • Identify types of EV systems
  • Identify EV types and characteristics
  • Install basic EV components
  • Understand Basic performance characteristics
  • Understand basic systems and operating standards.
  • Troubleshoot High Voltage system problems and installation concerns **

Understand safe working practices for:

  • Personal Protection Equipment working with hand and basic power tools **
  • Eye, clothing, ear, and high voltage glove protection **
  • High Voltage Electrical safety **

Certification examination questions and skill demonstrations (when required) are based on the topical outline provided in the ITEMS LIST.  The specific COMPETENCIES are derived from the ITEMS LIST.

** These are general categories of required knowledge and skills.

View the Electric Vehicle Competencies:
Electric Vehicle Technician (EVT)

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