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Technicians and Students

ETA is a not-for-profit trade association for electronics students and professionals. We focus on providing a resource for the technician or student to learn more about the industry, connect with other professionals, advance their careers and achieve recognition for their knowledge and skill through certification.

ETA Certification - Helping Professionals Excel in the Electronics-Related Industries
Certification shows the world that you have gained the necessary knowledge and skills to perform better on the job. ETA’s widely recognized certification programs, modeled after international competency standards, offers both Stand-Alone certification exams and Journeyman certification exams in fields such as avionics, biomedical, computers, fiber optics, renewable energy, smarthome and telecommunications. We’ve made ETA certification affordable and accessible for you, with our tests available online and at Approved Schools. To help you pass, we also offer downloadable study materials and practice tests.

Career Advancement with ETA
A certified professional often appears more dedicated, more skilled and thus more attractive to prospective employers, and can help you advance your career. View some of the business and organizations who currently employ ETA-certified professionals. Or visit our electronics job board to view current open positions. You can also ask your employer if they can provide you with reimbursement for ETA certification exams.

ETA Student and Professional Membership
Show your dedication to the electronics field by becoming a member of ETA International. Whether you’re already certified or working toward certification, ETA membership is open to students and technicians of all ages and skill levels. As a member, you can network with other electronics professionals from around the world, attend educational conferences and events, boost your career with new industry knowledge and advance your career with our helpful Career Resource Center. You can also register or join a local Student Chapter at your school. Learn more about ETA’s membership benefits and how to join.

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