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Course Approvals

Have ETA Approve your Course or Training Materials!
If your school would like ETA to approve a course or training materials that you currently offer, fill out one of the forms below. This is a great way to show that your course or materials match with current ETA certification programs. Upon submitting this information, ETA officials will review and offer the potential of on-site verifications. Course approvals are good for four years.

In order to offer the following ETA certifications with a hands-on component, schools must complete the course approval application - Renewable Energy, B-VoIP, Data Cabling and Fiber Optics.

To qualify, your school must provide to us the necessary materials to show:

  • Course syllabus
  • Lab, test equipment, and text materials used
  • What, if any, testing is done
  • The number of hours contained in the course
  • What level the course is applicable to
  • Instructor credentials

Course Approval Application

Electric Vehicle Course Approval Application

Course Approval Procedures

Equipment Lists:

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